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Howard Bros (Engravers) Ltd started in 1948, in the centre of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, and is still there supplying embossing tools and marking punches to the Jewellery trades along with a well established client base covering the UK and Europe. We were the first engraving company to buy a high precision Kuhlman engraving machine in the UK back in the early 1990ís and now have 13 CNC machines and two CNC lathes

The embossing tools can be machined to suit various trades/sectors of manufacturing i.e. Harris Brush Ferrules, jewellery, metal boxes, greeting cards. The company initially worked with customers in and around Birmingham because of the widespread customer base Birmingham had. But over time with the investment in CNC machines and specific programmes for engravers, like Carveco, Artcam and Cimigrafi our customer base now extends to all of the UK and Europe.

We have taken the old engravers art and profession and transferred this into the digital age so that we as engravers can cope with highly detailed and precise work.

The Company also produces marking punches, hand punches, marking rolls and hot foil blocking dies to customer specifications, using all types of material such as steel, brass and aluminium used by the engravers profession.

We also have a 3d scanner, which enables us to capture the 3d surface of plastic moulding tools and die-casting tools if the cad information is not available. We can then machine engrave electrodes with logos and lettering to spark erode the die-casting or plastic moulding tools.

Alternatively the die-casting and plastic moulding tools can be engraved directly by our precise CNC engraving machines which includes a rotating engraving attachment so we can supply your requirement on time.

We can produce marking punches, embossing tools in a wide range of tool steels to suit material being machined.

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