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The most important element of the manufacturing process for packaging & foiling dies is the artwork. This can be imported digitally straight into our engraving software or we can scan them in.We can then manipulate the different elements to your requirements before the tool paths are programmed.

We can also produce foiling dies on a 3D surface.
Special shapes or forms can be milled in aluminium for vacuum form or/and with decorative patterns designs to enhance the overall design of the packaging.

We can also supply Braille embossing tools, as this is now becoming a legal requirement.

  • Flat faced, fluted 3d modelled dies
  • Incorporating most materials
    including hardened steel, brass, aluminium
  • Steel cutting form for complex shapes
  • Deep cut for clarity
  • Import vector files
    .dxf .dwg .ai .eps .plt .pdf .ps
  • Import bitmaps - .jpeg .pcx
    .bmp .tiff .psd