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Minting dies can be produced by using traditional plasters, which are digitised using our state-of-the-art Renishaw Cyclone scanner.
This model is then read into our software where the rest of the coin design is added, for example, any 2D elements such as the lettering. We can then give you a 3D rendered artwork of your job to enable you to alter anything before it is cut. Models can be produced totally on the computer for a quicker and sometimes cheaper option to traditional coin die manufacturing.

  • Scan from plasters
  • Import vector files
    .dxf .dwg .ai .eps .plt .pdf .ps
  • Import bitmaps - .jpeg .pcx .bmp
    .tiff .psd
  • Cut model on domed surface for better appearance, and stamping ease
  • Alter draft angles to customer requirements
  • Utilising cutters to 0.1mm in size
  • Sub contractor to various Mints

If you need specialist minting or foiling dies or have a specific requirement for a specific type of coin die why not give Howard Brothers a call. Howard Brothers have manufactured coin dies for government mints world wide.